Sunday, October 18, 2009

Peter Thomas Roth Launch @ The Gardens

Just attended Peter Thomas Roth (PTR) Press Launch at Alexis, The Gardens on Friday.

It was a very jam day everywhere, probably it's pre-holiday simpton..
Worst still, parking was full at every inch of Mid Valley and Gardens,
and the queue was lined even before entering the carpark at 3pm on Friday???
Probably they should just build a 50 storey multi-multi level carpark.
Most of us were fashionably late...

the reception with our signature

My buddy Kelvin & Me

The event was held in the VIP room at Alexis, with secret sliding door and pathway.
Entering the room, it was warmthly lit with nicely drapped bulbs.
At the back, there were wine displays.

For the event, Alexis served super nice ice lemon tea... highly recommended!!!
And also super crispy fried wanton and some desserts too!

Over 30 guests has attended the event, where most of them were from renowned media in Malaysia. And one of the guest, Vonvon blogged about the event and products at

I'm already tempted with their acne range, as I've been having acne problems at my forehead. Plus it has anti-aging properties.. wink wink..
I'm getting fine lines already, so this is what i need..

You can get PTR products at Robinsons, The Gardens.


  1. Hi Audrey,

    You were at the PTR Press Launch as well. Thank you for the link to my post on the PTR event.

    Can we have a link exchange?

  2. ya. of course.
    And so Sorry for the late reply.
    It's really my pleasure to know you :)