Monday, May 23, 2011

notes for life

We make notes for everything in our life from studies to work, and even a little note for our to-do-list for the day.
How many of us actually make notes for our own life?

Sometimes a little note like this is simple, yet powerful to keep us in track for our journey ahead.

A reminder to live well...

a reflection of what's deep within our heart...

a great source of power to achieve a life purpose... etc

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Discovery of Brisik

We were all craving for new taste that day.
Enough of Western food.
Japanese food...Not really
Chinese food... we eat this like almost everyday
Kopitiam... eat till sien already

When we walk along the sideway of Palm Square, a warmthly lit balcony area with nicely drapped curtains has attracted us... And we saw the Signage 'Brisik Cafe'. This place seemed to be cosy.

The entrance was at a hidden corner with stairway up to the restaurant. Beside the stairway of the entrance, it was a nicely decorated corner, which had already revealed what Brisik was going to present to us, Indonesian cuisine with a little influence of Dutch Colonisation.

Entering the restaurant - comfy seating areas:

We weren't in the mood for rice, which was quite wasted as Brisik serves several famous dishes with rice. We opted for noodle instead.

Green Curry Laksa:

It was spiciness at my maximum level (PS. I could only take spiciness at moderate++ level). For those who take spicy food would love this - First sip could just makes you fly :P However, i still love the green curry even though it's meletup-hot to me.

The green curry was prepared in traditional method by pounding cili padi till it turn green, and adding some spice, without any artificial coloring.

Thai Red Curry Kuey Tiaw:

Not as spicy as it seemed to be, but with tint of sweetness.

Tum Yam Fried Mihun:

Sago Gula Merah:

With taste of fragrance from pandan leaves and gula melaka.

Brisik is a restaurant in a full package: cosy ambience with delicious and well-prepared cuisine - meticulous from decoration to preparation of food. We'll definitely try out some rice dishes next round.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inspired by magazines

Whenever I go oversea i'll definitely buy the local lifestyle/fashion/street magazines,
to understand their culture better, and most importantly to get Inspired.
There are always something that facinate me, like these..

3D theatre, by THEATER Dressing Room

Paper cutout. I've never seen things like these locally.
This is a great magazine that i got from one of the oversea Fashion Week 2 years back.
It's such a great book that i swear i will not throw away.

From street-style magazines:

Paper doll insert.. for girly girls

Beauty pick in drawing 'for PRETTY Lady Only!'

Unconventional presentation of street concept.
Even the list of Fashion Co-ordinator and Asst. to Photographer was written in such Street style, instead of type written.
The work was presented in a full package!
And fashion like these captured in real person on street:

Look at how people explore ways of dressing..

Left: Torn stockings!!
Right: The pants is seemed to be rather too tight for her though.
But who cares! Just look at the confidence of how both of them carried it.
I think this is what most of us is lacking.
Fashion is not only wearing pretty clothes, but also the attitude that we carry along!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Peter Thomas Roth Launch @ The Gardens

Just attended Peter Thomas Roth (PTR) Press Launch at Alexis, The Gardens on Friday.

It was a very jam day everywhere, probably it's pre-holiday simpton..
Worst still, parking was full at every inch of Mid Valley and Gardens,
and the queue was lined even before entering the carpark at 3pm on Friday???
Probably they should just build a 50 storey multi-multi level carpark.
Most of us were fashionably late...

the reception with our signature

My buddy Kelvin & Me

The event was held in the VIP room at Alexis, with secret sliding door and pathway.
Entering the room, it was warmthly lit with nicely drapped bulbs.
At the back, there were wine displays.

For the event, Alexis served super nice ice lemon tea... highly recommended!!!
And also super crispy fried wanton and some desserts too!

Over 30 guests has attended the event, where most of them were from renowned media in Malaysia. And one of the guest, Vonvon blogged about the event and products at

I'm already tempted with their acne range, as I've been having acne problems at my forehead. Plus it has anti-aging properties.. wink wink..
I'm getting fine lines already, so this is what i need..

You can get PTR products at Robinsons, The Gardens.